Thursday, April 9, 2009

Buy Skater Girl Fever
The Street was your playground and you felt like you could ollie from the curb to the center of the blazing california sun. The only things that mattered were your stickered deck, those skater girl!! Even if you were never good enought to get the firl, Dave Naz remembers those times. The former pop punk rocker (Chemical People) turned acclaimed photographer ( Lust Circus, Fresh: Girls of seduction") takes a Larry Clark Like approach to peeping on tube sox wearin' gals. Charlotte, Nadia, Christie, Leah, Gia, Faith, and Kimberly all live out Naz's Cute Yet ranchy old school fantasy with much by Andrey "Mr. Rhythm " Williams, the Dwarves and OG gear from Fuct", you're sure to catch Skater Girls Fever.

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